Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence

Monitoring external threats for companies’ assets in Surface, Deep and Dark web

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Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence

Monitoring external threats for companies’ assets in Surface, Deep and Dark web

Digital Footprint Intelligence

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Kaspersky is the single vendor that enterprises can rely on to mitigate all types of internal and external security risks and protect digital assets.

As your business grows, so does the complexity and distribution of your IT environments.

Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence is a comprehensive digital risk protection service that helps customers to monitor their digital assets and detect threats from Surface, Deep and Dark web.

With real-time alerts Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence enables organizations to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats. Analytical reports complement these data with finished intelligence from our experts providing insights into cyber security risks and recommendations on how to mitigate them.

Which threats do we cover?

  • Network Reconnaissance

    Identification of the customer’s network resources and exposed services which are a potential entry point for an attack. Tailored analysis of existing vulnerabilities, with further scoring and comprehensive risk evaluation based on the CVSS base score, availability of public exploits, penetration testing experience and location of the network resource (hosting/infrastructure).

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  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of dozens of dark web resources (forums, ransomware blogs, messengers, tor sites, etc.), detecting any references and threats relating to your company, clients and partners. Analysis of active targeted attacks or attacks that are being planned, APT campaigns aimed at your company, industry and regions of operation.

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  • Discovery of Data Leaks

    Detection of compromised employees, partner and client credentials, bank cards, phone numbers and other sensitive information that can be used to carry out an attack or pose reputational risks for your company.

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  • Threats Detection

    Monitoring of fraudulent activities that can damage a company’s reputation and/or deceive customers.

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How it works?

  • Configure


    Identification of the customer’s digital assets:

    • IP adresses
    • Domain names
    • Brand names
    • Employees
    • Applications
    • Associated keywords
  • Collect


    Automated data collection from multiple data sources:

    • Public systems and sources
    • Surface, Deep and Dark web
    • Kaspersky Knowledge Base
  • Filter


    Data analysis by experts:

    • Filtering and categorization
    • Prioritization
    • Verification
    • Enrichment with cumulative expertise
  • React


    Customer notification and reaction:

    • Real-time alerts in Threat Intelligence Portal
    • Reporting and communication with dedicated analyst
    • Takedown service

Top benefits

Why to choose us

  • Real-time alerts on emerging threats
  • Unique knowledge base
  • Custom threats and tailored approach
  • Reputable expertise combined with automation
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Top benefits

Why to choose us

Read a datasheet

Real-time alerts on emerging threats

  • Continuous monitoring on companies’ digital assets
  • Proactive alerts on new threats with action points for reaction

Unique knowledge base

  • Great coverage of Darkweb resources, including private forums with limited access
  • Continuous discovery of new data sources with valuable data, categorized and filtered by analysts

Custom threats and tailored approach

  • Information about threats relevant for your organization
  • Flexible formats of deliverables and integration with solutions

Reputable expertise combined with automation

  • Valuable insights and finished intelligence prepared by dedicated analysts
  • Strategic and short-term recommendations for risk mitigation and protection

Suitable for

Any organization struggling to identify exposed digital assets at risk, enhance business resilience and improve security posture to prevent future threats and business operational impact, especially in the following industries:

Awards and recognitions

Kaspersky products are regularly assessed by world-leading research firms and our ability to help companies and customers protect themselves and thrive in the face of change has been widely recognized — and proven.

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