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In 2023, businesses worldwide witnessed a staggering volume of password leakage due to infostealers' activity.
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10Msystems infected by infostealer malware in 2023

32%Increase in the proportion of infected corporate users over past 3 years

443,000websites encountered credentials compromises over the past 5 years

21%of employees reopen malware on their system for a second time

Redline is the most active infostealer. One in two devices (55%) was infected with this malware.

Lumma In 2023, there is a rising trend in popularity for the new stealer.

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Understanding the underworld of credentials compromises

  • Password Compromise

    Both personal and corporate passwords may be exposed on the dark web through various means, including attacks using infostealer malware. Infostealers infect devices to pilfer sensitive credentials like logins and passwords, which can then be sold on the shadow market, exposing your systems to cybersecurity threats.

  • Password Compromise vs Data Breach

    It's crucial to distinguish password leaks related to infostealer activity from traditional data breaches. To compromise credentials, threat actors don’t have to breach the organization’s perimeter but trick individuals into installing malware on their devices through methods like phishing or malicious websites.

When developing a cybersecurity strategy, anticipate potential password leaks. Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence offers surface, deep, and dark web monitoring to swiftly identify compromised credentials and mitigate potential attacks.

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  • 3.Recurrent credentials compromise among employees

  • 4.Statistics on the compromise corporate credentials over the past three years

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Leaks visualised

  • youtube preview

    Doxxing Jog: >>

    Observe how hackers resell pilfered personal data of individuals to profit from every hack they execute.

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    Business Suit: >>

    Attackers acquire stolen credentials to target a specific company and impersonate high-ranking employees.

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    Clones Attack: >>

    When hackers employ legitimate credentials, the security team faces a special challenge in thwarting the attack.

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Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence: your shield in the digital threat landscape

In the world of cyber threats, Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence service stands tall as your cybersecurity ally. Specializing in dark web monitoring and various types of leak discovery, we pinpoint threats that could jeopardize your business. Our experts configure monitoring systems, swiftly detect compromised credentials, and proactively secure your accounts, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding your reputation.

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